Anyone able to successfully run a Java Applet with the 1.6 Applet Plugin in Firefox?

I'm using an applet loaded in tomcat that other non-Mac users can access and run using their java applet plugin, but mine causes Firefox to hang and then crash.

Any ideas? Thanks.


Do ALL java applets cause a crash? Or only this particular one? If it's just this particular one, then most likely it's a bug in that java applet itself. It's not very hard to crash a browser using Java, plugins aren't very well isolated in Firefox (unlike Chrome or Internet Explorer), and Java is easier to crash than Flash is.

  • The applet works when accessed from Windows machines running Firefox. – swimmer Feb 24 '10 at 17:23
  • That is not what I asked. Can you run any OTHER java applets? If it's just that one applet, then logic says there's a bug in that applet. Just because it works on windows, doesn't 100% guarantee it wont crash somewhere else. – davr Feb 25 '10 at 20:19

Could this be what you are looking for: Java for OS X 2013-002: How to re-enable the Apple-provided Java SE 6 web plug-in and Web Start functionality.

I followed only the first 3 out of 4 steps (as I don't need Web Start functionality) and restarted Firefox... voilà! Java applets work now.

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