I use alfred to quick launch pretty much everything on my mac. I also use chrome custom search engines to quickly search for example jira/github issues etc..

so for example if a typical github issue for a specific project (let's give that project a VIB abbreviation) looks like this


then i configure chrome custom search engine so that when i type VIB in the url, it appears like so tenter image description here

typing 15 makes me jump to that link

enter image description here


Is there a way to make this happen on alfred? (or any other quick launch app like alfred.. I recall seeing some of my colleagues years ago use this on a quick launch app on PC)

So this is what the scenario will look like (using gherkin):

given user taps keyboard shortcut to launch alfred
and alfred search field shows up
when user types in vib + tab on alfred
then alfred becomes a search engine for that project
and user can type in the issue number and hit enter
and alfred takes the user straight to that issue page on chrome, the same result that would happen if the user used a chrome search engine


I came across this script which does exactly what i want (even better than this workflow since it involves less typing), however in alfred 3 doesn't have this path:


any idea what I should replace it with?


Yes, you can do that with workflow feature of Alfred. For that, you must have to purchase powerpack to use workflow.

There is one 'workflow' that do the similar thing. see below link.


You can modify this workflow after downloading it.

  • see update, your solution works but it's not exactly what i need – abbood Sep 20 '16 at 7:31
  • @abbood script is over 4 years old and things are changed, better to use standard way. just read workflow documentation. it's easier and doesn't use the hack like the script you found. also, this will provide future compability. – Hitesh Chavda Sep 20 '16 at 9:38

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