I registered a domain on dot.tk (domain registration company for .tk) and forwarded it to my website hosted elsewhere. This resulted in A record being created pointing to my website's (static) IP address. It seems dot.tk uses nameserver NS01.FREENOM.COM.

I then accidentally did the same on my hosting provider's website, which also resulted in the creation of an A record, pointing to the same IP address. Of course, my hosting company has its own nameserver.

Is this ok or should I delete / fix one of these records? How would the internet know which of the two A records is correct (if let's say I accidentally used different IP addresses for them)?


How would the internet know which of the two A records is correct (if let's say I accidentally used different IP addresses for them)?

Both records are on different DNS servers. "The internet" doesn't automatically see both of them at once; instead, clients only look at the domain's designated nameservers.

The ultimate authority here is your TLD's registry which keeps NS records pointing to each domain's nameservers, and your domain's registrar which usually lets you update that information. (Most registrars allow you to choose custom nameservers, or the registrar's "managed" ones.)

For example, to use the registrar's own site as an example: According to the tk. TLD's nameservers, the domain dot.tk. is further delegated to the following four nameservers:

$ dig dot.tk. ns @a.ns.tk.

dot.tk.         7151    IN  NS  ns1.dns.tk.
dot.tk.         7151    IN  NS  ns4.dns.tk.
dot.tk.         7151    IN  NS  ns2.dns.tk.
dot.tk.         7151    IN  NS  ns3.dns.tk.

Therefore when you look up A records for dot.tk., the query always ends up at one of those four servers.

If someone else tried to configure their DNS server to host a fake version of the same domain, it wouldn't go anywhere beyond that server – it's not in the NS records kept by the registry, so nobody would look there.

  • Thx. So the only reason my hosting provider offered to include the DNS information is if I didn't want to use my registration company's name servers, in which case I'd tell it to use a different NS right? And there's no real difference about which name servers to use? – max Sep 20 '16 at 15:23
  • It doesn't matter much – you choose based on reliability and features which matter to you. For example (assuming you're choosing between web-managed ones), you might compare what record types are supported (e.g. if you need SRV or NAPTR); whether DNSSEC is supported or not; whether the nameserver allows you to import an existing zone from another NS or requires adding everything by hand. – grawity Jun 2 '17 at 16:33

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