I can't keep my headset up as an audio sink in Windows 7. After any kind of disconnect (eg, power down the headset to recharge it), only deleting and re-pairing the device will product audio.

The Toshiba bluetooth device manager shows it as paired and the sound control panel shows it as a sink with audio being dumped there... so why no audio on the headset itself without the re-pair?

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Couple of ideas. 1. Goto devices and printers then right click on the device select Audio Sink and Handsfree Telephony then Apply and close. 2. Still in Devices double left click and then see if you can select music etc and select each service listed

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  • The Toshiba BT manager hijacks BT devices from the Windows device manager control panel. It automatically assigns the device to those device and service classes for me. – Logos Sep 21 '16 at 15:53

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