First of all, my laptop is having a very little loose cabinet.

While turned on, my laptop is now vibrating when:

  • I hold it to move it in certain ways.

  • Now, even without modifyng its position, it vibrates sometimes that I open the web browser.

When I mean that the laptop vibrates I mean that it vibrates with a strange sound until it's switched off or put to sleep.

How can this be fixed?


My guess is that your CPU fan is either starting to fail, or it's clogged/caked with dust and is spinning off-balance or just working really hard. If you're able to open your laptop and blow out the heatsink and fan with compressed air it may resolve this problem for you.

The other possibility is that your hard drive could be physically failing, but the fact that it starts happening when your computer is under load makes me think it's a heat-related issue, and therefore it's more likely to be the fan that's the cause of the vibration.

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  • I'm basically listening to a weak noise near the part where the laptop gets hot when in-game. If the problem is the fan, could I fix it myself? I'll accept the answer since it lists to all possible problems that I may be having. – Hydroper Sep 23 '16 at 16:58
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    With many laptops you can open the bottom of the case to expose the heatsink and fan. With those exposed you'll want to use a can of compressed air (making sure not to hold the can on an angle or upside down or liquid gas may spray out) to blow out any dust that has accumulated in there. If the bottom can't be opened at all then you may be able to blow some air in through the exhaust vent to dislodge the dust and help to clean it, but it works much more efficiently if the bottom of the laptop can be opened. – MeNTaLMoNKeY Sep 23 '16 at 17:02

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