I am unable to right click on the cmd windows prompt in order to paste something there. How can I fix this problem? Thanks

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CMD Shell

In Windows 10 the standard Ctrl-X & Ctrl-C shortcuts are supported.

For earlier versions of Windows you can enable QuickEdit cut and paste at the Command Prompt as follows:

Activate the control menu at the top left of the current cmd window, go to Properties, Options tab and then tick against QuickEdit Mode. Now you can select text with the mouse and hit Enter (or right click) to copy it to the clipboard. Paste anywhere using Control+V (or Right Click) or via the menu.

ESC will cancel any selection and return to editing mode. When copying between windows, you need one click to select the window and a second click to paste.


Windows 10

Right-click on the command prompt window title bar, select Properties, from Options, be sure to check the Insert Mode option to have the Paste option available from the command prompt with a right-click. Optionally, if you also select the QuickEdit Mode and have it checked, when you right-click in the command window, it'll paste what you have copied without needing to select the paste option.

enter image description here enter image description here

Other Windows Versions

You will basically follow the same instructions as above on other versions of Windows for the cmd.exe properties but the Edit Options location will look a little different, but checking the Insert Mode and Quick Edit options will give you the same results/functionality.

enter image description here

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