I am using below code to create folders and subfolders at batch file location

@echo off
MD 1.Inputs 2.Documents 3.Status 4.Production 5.Deliveries 6.Tools 2.Documents\Technical 2.Documents\General 6.Tools\Inputs 6.Tools\Testing

Now, I want to have above folders created in a parent folder with user input name but these folders are to be created with parent folder on a network path

i have put in below line to prompt for folder name

set /p FOL=enter your folder name:

I am not sure, How to combine both the codes and add command to specify network path on a server to create folders

Is there a way to run batch files on the network path from the batch file on a local machine

Thanking you in advance


set /p FOL=enter your folder name:

Leads to a variable %FOL% which you can hand over to the command to create a directory:

 md %FOL%

You might need to do cd before creating the folder.

In case UNC paths don't work on the network share, you can also mount it as a drive letter with net use.

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