I've purchased Dell Inspiron15 3558 which specs are:

Intel Core i3 5005U @ 2.00GHz.

4.00GB Single-Channel DDR3 @ 798MHz. (2 slots, 1 used)

Intel HD Graphics 5500


how much RAM I can extend in it. I checked on Crucial.com and Crucial System Scanner both says max 16 GB, but Kingston.com says max 8GB and now I'm confused which one is true, because I want to extend it to 12GB (8GB+4GB). and If I'll buy one 8GB from local market or Online and if it'll not work they will replace it but not return and refund, so I can't purchase until i'm sure.

is there any other way to find out actual compatibility ?? can anyone help??


According to Dell's website, the max is 8GB.

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