What is the easiest way of checking the amount of RAM a specific program uses with a batch file?

I know that i can access the whole information by:

set tempfile=%temp%\temp.file
tasklist >%tempfile%

And then get a list like:

Abbildname                     PID Sitzungsname       Sitz.-Nr. Speichernutzung
========================= ======== ================ =========== ===============
System Idle Process              0 Services                   0             4 K
System                           4 Services                   0            32 K
smss.exe                       404 Services                   0           504 K
csrss.exe                      512 Services                   0         2.256 K

But how can I extract for example the amount of RAM (here "Speichernutzung") the process csrss.exe uses? Ideally with built in functions of Windows.



wmic process where name='firefox.exe' get WorkingSetSize


enter image description here

To store as a variable try (use %% if running from a bat file, or single % if running from command prompt)

for /f %a in ('wmic process where "Name='outlook.exe'" get WorkingSetSize^|findstr [0-9]') do set "var=%a"

enter image description here

  • That works like a charm. Now I just have to extract this value as a variable, so I can do a check (smaller as XX). How can I achieve that? – Heikkisorsa Sep 27 '16 at 8:32

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