I've a weird problem : i "see" the tags of MS-Word app instead of their values. This is the case for the table of content, page number etc.

Tags are like {PAGE} {NUMPAGES} {TOC \0 "1-3" \h \z \u}

Even in the "page view".

What have I done to deserve this (well know song) ?

I've thru all the settings of this app but I didn't find the right check-box to be checked or unchecked.

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Try this:

Go to Tools -> Options -> View -> Show - Uncheck(clear) the field codes.


A quicker way to do this (toggle display of field codes) is to press Alt+F9 - Windows or Opt+F9 - Mac.

On some computers, these shortcuts may require that an Fn key be pressed at the same time.

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