While checking what kind of packages are available to install on the subsystem, I noticed that tools like aircrack-ng, wifite, reaver ... are available. However, ifconfig doesn't work, and iwconfig shows something like:

eth0        no wireless extensions.
wifi0       no wireless extensions.
wifi1       no wireless extensions.
lo          no wireless extensions.
und0        no wireless extensions.
und1        no wireless extensions.

I understand that this might be because WSL translates each individual syscall to its Windows variant instead of running a full linux system. So, my question is: in that case, can we do any wireless network penetration testing with the previously mentioned tools? If not, why are those packages available in the first place?


The packages are available because WSL installs an unmodified Ubuntu image, including the stock Ubuntu package repositories. It is not a custom WSL-tailored distribution.

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