I have a sheet with data , i want to remove last three numbers , but in some cells i have text only so i need a formula that remove last three numbers if cell have, For Ex:

Cell A                     |    Cell B 
my data row 1 in 123       |  my data row 1 in
this is 2nd row data in 345| this is 2nd row data in
3rd row data               | 3rd row data

I tried this code =LEFT(F2,LEN(F2)-3)&"" and its work if cell have numbers but problem is their when column have no numbers in last this formula remove 3 words from text. so i need formula that remove only last 3 numbers if cell have, otherwise print data as it as in next column , hope understand my question thanks.


You can check whether last three characters are numbers, and remove them only if yes:


enter image description here

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    thanks . its work great , thanks for sharing your knowledge – biz Sep 30 '16 at 11:57

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