What I wanna do is to have the internet connection disabled completely when the VPN connection goes down. I am connecting to my VPN (privatevpn.com) through Viscosity.

I have tried everything in the book. I have tried to have a disconnect scripts in Viscosity, but they never trigger, or trigger inconsistently and leave my connection vulnerable. I also tried routing tricks in Viscosity but it doesnt work either.

On my Ubuntu machines I have a solution that works perfectly, I use ufw rules to control the firewall. In order to connect to my VPN I need to disable UFW, and then once the VPN have connected I enable UFW, and it keeps the connection tight from leaking.

There is something called pf on Mac. I might be able to configure pf to work the same way as my ufw rules work, but I don´t understand how to configure it.

Here are my UFW rules I would like to run on the Mac as well, maybe someone can help me to configure pf to use the same rules?

Status: active Logging: on (low) Default: deny (incoming, deny (outgoing), disabled (routed) New profiles: skip

To Action From Anywhere ALLOW IN Anywhere ALLOW OUT

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The best thing I have found is to use PF available on mac os X, after you connect to your VPN provider just need to change the IP.

Create a file ~/killswitch/pf.conf containing this

# Options
set block-policy drop
set ruleset-optimization basic
set skip on lo0

# Interfaces
wifi = "en1"
vpn = "utun1"

# Block everything
block out all
block in all

# Outbound: Allow only VPN 
pass out on $wifi proto {tcp, udp} from any to 81.171.71.XX

# Allow traffic for VPN
pass out on $vpn all

Double check your interfaces, in my case en1 is the WiFi and uten1 the VPN tunnel.

Change 81.171.71.XX to the IP you get when you connect.

enable pf

$ sudo pfctl -e 

Load the rules:

$ sudo pfctl -Fa -f /path/to/pf.conf 

Disable pf:

$ sudo pfctl -d

I had to implement this due to a issue with ipvanish, mainly because the application was crashing making the VPN to go down and traffic was back to the default, none encrypted route.


You can give a try to killswitch it can do all this for you automatically.

  • OK thanks, I ended up using AirVPN client for Mac OS X, and it works out of the box. Just in case someone wanna save some time in the future. Commented Jan 8, 2017 at 1:49
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    I just tried killswitch on macOS 10.12.6 and it works perfectly. Install with brew install killswitch. If it fails, try first brew tap vpn-kill-switch/killswitch and then install. In this way, it might fail to download the bottle, but it will then compile from source for you.
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    Commented Jul 30, 2018 at 5:47

Could this script do the trick?


while true 
  result=$(scutil --nc list | grep Connected)
  if [ -z "$result" ]; then
     killall Transmission

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