I'm trying to figure out how to duplicate my git bash tab in ConEmu via a command typed into the console and nothing seems to be working.

Followed along with this: Duplicate session in ConEmu


bash -new_console

just throws

bash: -w: invalid option

Maybe bash isn't what I'm looking for? My default Task is {Bash::Git bash}

Does anyone know the best way to create a shortcut that can be typed into the console, or ran via an sh script, that will open a new tab in the same directory as the tab it was typed into?


Just prepend your command with ConEmuC -c. Example:

ConEmuC -c bash -new_console --login -i

Cygwin and msys due to hardcoded forking technology doesn't pass command line to their processes using standard Windows API.

  • That helped a lot! Although it appears doing something like ConEmuC -c bash -new_console --login -i && gulp watch or ConEmuC -c bash -new_console --login -i && git status doesn't work. Is there a workaround for this that allows executing a script in the new tab? – Octoxan Oct 4 '16 at 14:51

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