I have a new Windows 10 tablet that I'm trying to access some network shares with. My host is a debian PC that works fine for sharing three folders to other Windows 10 clients... I don't believe the problem is with the host.

On this new tablet, I'm never prompted for my credentials when trying to access the shared folders. I can browse to the host PC, but I get the "access denied" error message as soon as I double-click on one of the shared folders.

screen shot showing shared folders but no access

All other clients get prompted for their password.


Followed this thread and now get prompted for login name and password: In Windows 8.1, how to force prompt for credentials when accessing a shared folder?

After entering net use in the power shell, I saw that credentials for the networked drives were already saved. There must have been a previous attempt from the client tablet to connect.

Purging the saved table with net use * /DELETE results in being prompted for credentials to access shared folders.

Access is still denied, but I think I'll need to start a new question.

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purge the saved credentials with net use * /DELETE from within Power Shell.

results in being prompted for login credentials when attempting to access shared folders.

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