I've red other answers and can't seem to get it working. I have a desktop connected to a UPS and would like the option to put the computer into hibernate (in case there is a power failure).

There is no "hibernate" option on the power menu. In an elevated command prompt I ran powercfg/h on and powercfg/hibernate on and it made no difference. In the advanced power settings, I changed the "hibernate after" from "never" to "0" but it didn't do anything. How can I have an option to manually put the computer into hibernation?

  1. Press Windows+q and type in power options.
  2. Select the Power Options in Control Panel option.
  3. In the Power Options window, click Choose what the power buttons do from the left menu.
  4. This opens the System Settings screen, where there should be a Shutdown settings section towards the bottom.
  5. Click the Change settings that are currently unavailable text to enable changing items in Shutdown settings.
  6. Check the Hibernate box and save changes.

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