I have a wireless router (router1) running DD-WRT that is connected to my ADSL modem. It is assigning DHCP addresses on my home network.

I also have a second router (router2) running OpenWRT that I use to extend the signal. It is setup as a client and takes a static ip on the wifi network of router1. When I'm connected to router1, I can ping Router2, but I am unable to access the config page of router2 unless I am connected directly to router2's network.

I assume it's a setting that needs to be changed on router2 to make the config page accessible from it's "wan", but does anyone know specifically what setting I should be changing in the OpenWRT settings of router2?

Unfortunately I can't avoid the problem by using WDS to make the two routers appear as the same network because the two routers have different chipsets.


Even if you could do this, you would reduce the security of the router with OpenWRT in doing so. You are much better off configuring OpenWRT locally while connected directly to the router - preferably with a direct wired connection.

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    Sorry, this is irrelevant and doesn't answer my question. It would decrease the security of the OpenWRT router only to the level of security on the DD-WRT router, which I'm happy with (WPA2/AES), as the DD-WRT router is the pseudo-WAN of the OpenWRT router. – localhost Oct 10 '16 at 0:41

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