I have a Swiss-French physical keyboard but I write in Swiss-French, English (International layout) and I would like to write in Japanese too. The thing is that when I set the Japanese layout I can either set IME in which I write in romanji or set the default Japanese layout which doesn't work because it needs more keys to switch between hiragana/katakana/kanji.

Is there a way to switch to a "classic" japanese keyboard without the need of the several other keys to switch between writings ? (like a shortcut instead)

Windows 7 or Windows 10


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To switch input language:

  • Win 7 - Alt + Shift
  • Win8/Win10 - Windows Key + Space

To switch keyboard layout:

  • Win 7 - Ctrl + Shift
  • Win8/Win10 - Windows Key + Space

For Japanese language:

  • Windows 7

    • Change to Hiragana -> Ctrl + Caps Lock
    • Kanji -> Press Space 1 time to display the most common Kanji for the underlined Hiragana. Press Space again for more choices.
    • Change to Katakana -> Alt + Caps Lock

    • Toggle between Hiragana and Alphanumeric: Shift + Caps Lock

    • Toggle between Last Used and Alphanumeric: Alt + ~
  • But is there a way for me to get the layout of the japanese keyboard ? Japanese layout
    – rXp
    Oct 10, 2016 at 9:58

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