I've successfully added 2FA with Google Authenticator package on openSUSE Leap 42.1 for Display Manager, login, sudo and su. I have to enter a verification code from Android app every time I use these tools (both for my main user and root).

However, when I e.g. try to install software via GUI with Yast2 there's no field to enter the code. I enter my root password and Yast's window freezes (probably waiting for the code). The reason is that Yast2 uses su. So when I comment out the line with Google Authenticator in /etc/pam.d/su I can open Yast and install software, change system settings, etc.

How can I make Yast2 ask me for verification codes?


It sounds like you are having a similar problem to one I have encountered with AppleID accounts with Two-Factor enabled running on legacy OSX versions. Try appending the code to the end of your password string with no spaces.

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