If I switch my monitor configuration, can Synergy recognize this and switch its configuration on the fly?

For example, I have a triple-monitor setup on one computer, and a solo monitor on another. I can press a button to make each computer trade monitors with the other, via an HDMI switch. How can I get Synergy to recognize this change automatically when it happens?

If this is not possible within Synergy, I could set up a script to run automatically when I flip the HDMI switch. Could such a script get me this functionality? For example, perhaps the script could close Synergy, change the configuration file, then restart it?


Switching configs on the fly isn't possible right now, but it's something we're working on in Synergy version 2.0. I'm on the Synergy development team at Symless.

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    I just bought Synergy, and I really want to be able to do this! If I could toggle my center monitor between my windows and macos machines with the click of a button, I'd be really pleased. Any updates on that timeline for 2.0? – Gandalf458 Oct 13 '17 at 4:16

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