Running BlueZ 5.36 on Debian Testing. Pairing, and connecting, to a Bluetooth audio sink fails, and, as previously reported subsequently logs (several times over)

Oct 12 09:16:51 0x44 bluetoothd[1878]: Not enough free handles to register service
  1. Restarting the bluetoothd service doesn't resolve the issue
  2. Removing, and later re-pairing the device (through blueman-manager gui) doesn't resolve the issue

This seems to be a hacky "solution", at best, but I managed to get the device connected by

# bluetoothctl
[bluetooth] remove <device>
[bluetooth] power off
[bluetooth] power on
[bluetooth] scan
[bluetooth] pair <device>
[bluetooth] trust <device>
[bluetooth] connect <device>

Note that I tried the remove/scan/pair/connect routine without powering on/off a couple of times, without success, so that might be key.


Same issue here with Mint 18.2 Cinnamon and HID Logitech Mouse M535. No matter which Kernel I used (from 4.8-x to 4.13.0-17) the same issue occured again.

After excessive looking at power saving options, browsing of system logs and bug reporting forums, the only solution i found working, was:

$ sudo bluetoothctl

power off

power on


After that, while running bluewho besides blueman, I finally managed to pair the frickin thing again.

Hope it lasts.

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