I have a large document with multilevel numbered headings

4.1.7. Level 3 heading
4.2. Level 3 heading
4.2.1. Level 3 heading

I noticed this 4.2. level 3 heading there that really should be level 2 heading. I changed it to level 2 by using the appropriate style.

Then the "4.2.1" changes to "4.1.8":

4.1.7. Level 3 heading
4.2. Level 2 heading
4.1.8. Level 3 heading

What can be done to fix it?

I tried changing the third heading to level 2 and back to level 3 - the number changes to 4.2.1 - but all the rest of the level 3 headings after it remain with their wrong numbers.

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    Change the start from number for 4.1.8. Level 3 heading to 4.2.1 – DavidPostill Oct 14 '16 at 16:51
  • @DavidPostill - thank you! I wonder why it does not automatically make the next heading follow the numbering, even if I choose "continue the previous list" in the right-click menu (I'm using the Russian version, so my phrasing might not fit the English phrasing exactly). – CopperKettle Oct 14 '16 at 17:48
  • Word has always been a bit odd in how it handles numbering of lists ... – DavidPostill Oct 14 '16 at 17:51

What can be done to fix it?

You need to change the start from number for "4.1.8. Level 3 heading" to 4.2.1

  1. Click the dropdown on the right hand side of the Numbering button on the ribbon.

  2. Select "Set Numbering Value..."

  3. Tick the check box "Start a new list".

  4. Enter the start value in the "Set value to" box.

  5. Click "OK".

Source Numbering In Word 2007 how to start a numbered list at a number other than 1

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