I am trying to ftp into my android device which is running ftpd server of busybox's multi-binary,
As the ftpd applet quotes "Anonymous ftp server" but when I use anonymous as username and my email address as password from my pc it says login failed ,
So in this situation what is the way to authenticate.

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    Tye using just anon
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If you built it yourself, make sure authentication is disabled if you want anonymous connections. In make menuconfig,

Networking Utilities ->
    [*] ftpd
    [*]   Enable upload commands
    [*]   Enable workaround for RFC-violating clients
    [ ]   Enable authentication

If you downloaded it from somewhere, it may have authentication enabled. If it has the bbconfig applet you can also check the configuration to see if it has ftp authentication with busybox bbconfig | busybox grep FTPD_AUTH.

If you want it to work with authentication, you may have to add a user. From the source code it looks like it reads from the passwd and shadow files, so if you can add a user and specify the username and password for it then you should be able to login.


For anonymous access you don't need to pass a username/password. Just connect in without issuing USER or PASS.

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see the /etc/shadow or /etc/passwd (if the /etc/shadow not exist) with texteditor


cat /etc/passwd cat /etc/shadow

if you use terminal. It will show something like these:

root:$6$jc.8CPty$8rBE2WGgYuCH88ZSl0p8qohQqCBnvaBAy2fgUIq7vBL1Avv.0vCqZE/1k0X1gdZ62HEOvUBZNmXCluS0hsjd8/:10933:0:99999:7::: bin:*:10933:0:99999:7:::

(not that lucky, you need to use john the ripper to brute force the password) or

root::10933:0:99999:7::: bin:*:10933:0:99999:7:::

(your lucky, all you have to do is to specify the user as root then set the password to anything, don't blank the password)

note: if after the username: shows *, it cannot be used to login, because it used

  • please provide me the busybox that you use, so i can test it. I've build my own busybox and what i say above is my own experience. And tell me the reason you gave me -1?
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