I try to log in to my Windows 2012 server via FTP:

Command:    USER ftp_*****
Response:   331 Password required
Command:    PASS **********
Response:   530 User cannot log in.
Error:  Critical error: Could not connect to server

The FTP is connected via port 22. Using FileZilla.

What I've checked:

  • Port is open on the server
  • I have entered the right username and password
  • Checked Active and Passive, doesn't solve the problem
  • I gave read write permission for that FTP site
  • I opened the TCP port 22 in Windows firewall for outbound connections
  • I've given the ftp user permission on the website folder (full permissions)

What else I can do?


Another FTP site was listening on the same port. I just stopped it and the other one worked.

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