When i was customizing the lock screen i noticed that when i changed from windows spotlight to picture than back to windows spotlight i got a different image. after doing this a couple of times i found this nice picture of what i could only describe as shot from inside a temple at night.

anyways i had that image for a few days but then when i went to lock my computer recently when i went to the toilet it changed (i didn't when i locked my computer earlier to go for a 30 minute walk)

i want to get it back so is there a way to get the Window Spotlight Wallpapers? preferably previous ones?


One thing worth trying is getting the SpotBright app, and seeing if it downloads the picture that you are wanting. I can't find details on what pictures it will download; it seems to download whatever is currently cycling, so there's no guarantee that you will find the picture you want, but it's worth a shot.


Here is a tutorial for finding the downloaded Windows Spotlight images in your system files. It's a bit of a lengthy process, though. You can also peruse through the Bing Homepage Gallery, which is where all those images come from. They have thousands of great photos there, though not all are downloadable (it's the owner's choice).

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