See, I've just found out something that impressed and confused me at the same time. There's this strange character which allows you to type everything reversed by default. For example, if I type:

"Something like this"

Then it will turn out into:

‮"Something like this"

(being that I didn't have to reverse the sentence myself, if you get what I mean).

It looks like I'm trolling you, but I'm not. To make sure you get what I'm trying to say, I'll paste the special character right below in a separate (code) line.

Now try to copy it, paste somewhere else in a text box and start typing. You'll see something very strange happening.

The question is: what's the name of this crazy invisible character which forces everything to be typed in right-to-left language?

I hope you understand what I'm trying to mean.


It's the "'RIGHT-TO-LEFT OVERRIDE' (U+202E)" character.

Here's some discussion about it (and possible security concerns) over on StackOverflow:

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  • Alright! You got it! Thanks for the help! =) – K0media Oct 18 '16 at 17:04

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