I hurriedly bought a new keyboard. It has no dedicated media keys and this is bad since I didn't realize I almost depend upon them (next song was almost consumed!). Despite this, I see that on function keys from F1 to F7 plus F11 there are printed symbols which should indicate something else! Even so, I can't find another key to activate them (Fn key on some keyboards).

Do you think is there a possibility that those keys/functions can be used?

This is a photo: enter image description here


Those symbols on Function keys are the repeat speed of pressed key, how many times will keyboard send information of pressed key to PC in unit of time. I can't remember now how is this called, I think that is "repeat rate".

I had keyboard with those keys and they are activated with "Turbo" key on that keyboard, but how I can see you don't have "Turbo" key on you keyboard. Try Ctrl+Alt+Function key

enter image description here

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