Instead of using Notepad as the default text editor that opens when I click New > Text Document in Windows 10 context menu, I'd like for it to open Notepad++, instead. Is there a way that I can do this?

EDIT: I should clarify that I don't want to add a new option to the context menu. Rather, I'd like to replace the program that opens when I click New > Text Document.


When I click "New" > "Text Document", I'd like for it to open Notepad++.

Set Notepad++ to be the default application for text files.

  1. Click Menu > "Settings" > "Preferences"

  2. Click "File Association"

  3. Under "Supported extension", select "Notepad", then select ".txt"

  4. Click "->"

  5. This will add ".txt" to "Registered extensions"

    • Click "Customise" Add any other extensions you want the be registered, for example .text or similar that are not in of the existing lists.
  6. Click "Close"

  7. Restart Notepad++


enter image description here


enter image description here

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