I've "googled" this, error # and message alike. I'm really confuse at what to do...

So got new ssd instead of HDD. I download Windows 10 Education off Microsoft Imagine website: Concordia University - ECS - Microsoft Imagine Premium which I use the .iso to flash my USB using rufus

And I got the following error if I do automatic install :

The computer started using the windows installation media. Remove the installation media and restart your computer so that Windows starts normally. Then, insert the installation media and restart the upgrade.

[Do not select | Custom [advanced]| to perform an upgrade.

Now if I did custom install I get the following error: 0x80070570

So, seeing the first error message, I thought that the computer was trying to UPGRADE my "current" version of windows which would obviously fail seeing that I have a blank SSD SO , I found this: [Download Windows 10][3] which gives you the choice of either upgrading the PC or flashing a USB to use on a different PC.

So I flashed my USB ( AGAIN) and went on to try to install my computer.

Automatic install: same error as the first one

Custom: 0x800750D or something like that ( I'm at work and can't recall the error but it wasn't the same).

I'll point out that I have keys for all of the different version I can install (w7, w8 and w10) ; all from the site onthehub.com. However, the latter only gives upgrade for w7 and w8 ( an SDM and SDX - which I've never dealt with before). So I need an iso for either download and even then, I don't know if it would work seeing all the trouble I'm currently experiencing with Windows 10.

EDIT : Will add a real screenshot when I'm home but seeing as this post will probably get no attention at that time, I'm adding a picture of the exact same settings I had (using ISO image however)

I tried using Windows 8.1 Premium installation with my computer and the same error occured ( same settings on rufus):

enter image description here

  • This only allows you to download Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Professional. You can only download Windows 10 Education from either the the source you were using or Microsoft's Volume Licensing Service Center website. – Ramhound Oct 20 '16 at 18:58
  • "I'm at work and can't recall the error but it wasn't the same" - We need the exact error. 0x800750D is an activation error code, which makes no sense, within the installation environment. – Ramhound Oct 20 '16 at 19:02
  • either way, it still throws an error when trying to install. It didn't ask for the key whatsoever. As for the error I did give one up there even with the EDU install. AND t he message with the automatic. It was one error using the download from microsoft website. – Marc-Andre Leclair Oct 20 '16 at 19:02
  • It sounds like you used the incorrect Rufus settings in that case. 0x80070570 error code is connected to Windows Update, which again, does not make sense within the Windows Installation Environment. – Ramhound Oct 20 '16 at 19:03
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    "At worse if it doesn't help I'll create a new question later on" - Please Don't do this. Just improve this question. – Ramhound Oct 20 '16 at 19:26

.SDX and probably .SDM files as well are files used by a Microsoft download manager (Secure Download Manager). It should be available as a download from your University site as well.

See also: Downloading Software from DreamSpark.com with Secure Download Manager

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  • I did use the .sdx and .sdm but same error happened trying to install windows 8 – Marc-Andre Leclair Oct 21 '16 at 11:08

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