This is my current folder structure in a Windows 7 machine:

   |   \---nope          
   |           nope.txt  
   |   \---wtf           
   |           wtf.txt   
   |   \---yep           
   |           yep.txt   

In this structure there is a duplicate folder at each layer like nope\nope.

I'd like to move each file in each folder up a level to eliminate this duplicate (note that for the sake of simplicity I've listed 1 file in each directory but there could be multiple files with different extensions).

This is what I've tried with powershell from this answer:

gci -R | ?{!$_.PSIsContainer} | %{mv $_.fullname $_.directory.parent}

Unfortunately I'm getting this error:

mv : Cannot create a file when that file already exists.
At line:1 char:35
+ gci -R | ?{!$_.PSIsContainer} | %{mv $_.fullname $_.directory.parent}

I think something fishy is happening because there is a duplicate name between parent and child folder, I've tried also providing a -Force in the mv statement but it only managed to actually erase the files leaving the folders as they are (luckly enough I had setup a test environment before doing this!).

What am I missing? Unfortunately I'm really a novice in PS scripting, thank you.


Move-Item takes paths as strings, and when .directory.parent casts to a string, it's either an empty string or just one directory name, it doesn't seem to be the full path to the parent folder.




|%{ mv $_.FullName (Split-Path -Parent $_.Directory) }
  • Yea I figured it out myself a bit after I posted my question, but you explained pretty well thank you!
    – Gruber
    Oct 21 '16 at 6:11

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