How can I get the octal permissions for a file?

/tmp$ ls -al myfile 
-rw-r--r--  1 wim  wheel     0B Oct 20 22:31 myfile
/tmp$ the_command myfile

Tried a suggestion I've found in other answers on here, and it didn't work:

/tmp$ stat -c "%a %n" myfile 
stat: illegal option -- c
usage: stat [-FlLnqrsx] [-f format] [-t timefmt] [file ...]

New info obtained (and shorter): stat -f '%A' <filename>
You can also use * for all files and folder. If you need them in a nicer format you can use
stat -f '%A %N' <filename> which will show the octal permission and filename.

https://askubuntu.com/a/152003 - check the first comment of this answer

Edited to add: To check your result, try running stat -f "%Sp %OLp" <filename> which will give you the --rwxrwxrwx style + the Octal version

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