I'm in edit space of Eclipse (in some java class)

So, how to focus(to switch) view(Navigator or Explorer) by keyboard?

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You can use <Ctrl><F7>,<Ctrl><Shift><F7> to cycle through the different views.


Via the menus: Window > Preferences, then General -> Keys
(or just Ctrl-Shift-L twice)

Then you can search in the type filter text field for "view: navigator" or target id: navigator

If there's not a key binding already, you can add one in the Binding: text field below.

  • thanks for help,didn't set binding in Eclipse before,really useful
    – sergionni
    Feb 26, 2010 at 16:16

To navigate to the Java Package Explorer specifically use the key binding Alt+Shift+Q P.

The key bindings to focus certain views in Eclipse all follow the pattern Alt+Shift+Q <Letter> though not all views have a key binding of their own.

As an alternative there is the Show In menu. The key binding Alt+ShiftW opens a popup menu that lists all views in which the current selection/editor can be shown in. Navigation views like Package Explorer and Project Explorer are always among the choices.

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