I'm having some trouble with my paragraph alignment here on microsoft word

I have this enter image description here

I want this

enter image description here

I want to align all the lines on the right side of the margin, just like in the picture. In mine there are several irregularities.


It's kinda hard to figure out what you want us to help you with, but I assume you want to justify your text, or make the right side flush to the margin.

Select the part of the text then do Ctrl Shift J to justify.

or click the icon in here: enter image description here

If you want the spacing before the paragraph as well, that's called an indent and you do that by pressing the tab key on your keyboard.

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You need to justify your text, then indent the first line of each paragraph.

Select all of your text using CTRL+A. Now press the Justify icon justify icon under the Home tab.

Then on the first line of the paragraph, use TAB to indent the text.

You can use Paragraph Settings to set this as the document's default.

Paragraph settings

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