I'm having a huge problem with my machine. Windows is working normally, but when I turn the computer off and back on again, it take several attempts until it finally boots the Windows OS. When it fails, nothing really happens: no noise, the screen stays black, and only the keyboard lights turn on. I don't believe this is a problem with the RAM, hard drive or CPU... could it be battery issues?

I already re-install Windows using a bootable pen drive hoping to fix it, but that didn't work.


Just to be clear, the machine turns off automatically after attempting to boot, so I need to try I don't know... 20 times until it finally works? I'm afraid of damaging my hardware.


Remove All RAM items and run the PC if you hear a Long Buzz sound(depending on existence of motherboard's speaker) then try the following :

  • clean the RAM slot
  • Try only one RAM item if you have multiple RAMs
  • If it works add more RAMs

if you don't hear the long Buzz sound then try cleaning the processor .

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