input of my file is:

< Hi James
> Hi Jamy
< What about weekend?
> What about sat/sun?

and output should come :

< Hi James
> Hi Jamy
< What about weekend?
> What about sat/sun?

Means deleting the contents of the line before '>' and '<'.

Can anyone help. Thanks in advance.

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In Notepad++ 6.9.1 I was able to do this by selecting Search->Replace... and putting the following regular expression in the "Find what:" field:


Then leaving the "Replace with:" field empty and setting a Search Mode of "Regular Expression", leaving ". matches newline" unchecked, and pressing "Replace All".

How It Works

(^[^<>\n]+)\n|\n[^<>\n]+ is a Notepad++ Regular Expression.

(^[^<>\n]+)\n Is a sub-expression that matches lines that don't start with < or >. This matches the first line of text in your example input "bsg23".

| Indicates alternation between two sub-expressions

\n[^<>\n]+ Matches a newline followed by characters that are not <, >, or a newline. This matches the newlines at the end of lines that start with < or > and the following text on the next line.

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