I've a public key which is V3 that I need to export to export to a PGP server, any suggestion? Have tried to export here but it says:

No V3 Keys Allowed

Version 3 OpenPGP keys are deprecated and shouldn't be used any more. Consider generating a new key instead. There is no way to migrate a v3 key to the new v4 format.

Then, you speak about "export[ing] to a PGP server". There is no such thing as a PGP server: there are lots of them. You reference a specific one hosted by Symantec, the current owner of the proprietary PGP implementation, but there is also a variety of other OpenPGP keyservers. Most of them are organized in the SKS kekyservers pool and can be queried through pool.sks-keyservers.net. These keyservers allow deprecated v3 keys.

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