I downloaded Strawberry Perl and, while it's useful, I want to run perl scripts on a second computer (actually, a production server), and I don't need the IDE or any special modules. I just want to be able to run perl scripts that are already written. In my searches, I found references to ActivePerl, but it's not clear to me if that's what I want. What exactly should I download/install in order to simply run perl scripts? The scripts I have in mind are nothing fancy, just some manipulation of text files with output to other files.


Both suits you if you say you don't really care about modules. Both of them are designed for Windows. So I have nothing particular can tell about.

But if you suddenly want to download modules some days in the future, personally I would suggest ActivePerl, as the learning curve to using ppm (Perl Package Manager) install modules is much easier than using cpan, from a really really beginner perspective. And note, ActivePerl provide both ppm and cpan interface, where Strawberry Perl only have cpan

Finally, if you really want to dig in more, take a look at : http://www.perlmonks.org/?node_id=954413 (both have their draw backs, of cause)

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