I have a spreadsheet that takes data from the other 52 spreadsheets and totals it.

The columns in the sheet correspond to the names of the other spreadsheets (using dates, i.e., 01/01/2017 column contains data from 01012017 spreadsheet). If I change the column names to match the spreadsheet names, how do I use them in the VLOOKUP, so I can just copy my formulas and not have to update the formula in each column?

My VLOOKUP formula is this: =IFERROR(VLOOKUP($A2,'12302016'!$A$7:$I$22,9,FALSE),0)

How do I change the '12302016' to use the column name?

Screenshot of my data

I know that I cannot put 12/30/2016 as my spreadsheet name.

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    Have a look on INDIRECT function. Probably that's what you need – Máté Juhász Nov 1 '16 at 19:59
  • Could you share a screenshot of what your data looks like? I'm having trouble understanding what you need from the prompt, but I agree with @MátéJuhász that you'll probably want to use INDIRECT – airstrike Nov 1 '16 at 21:55
  • @MátéJuhász, thank you. I, also, added a screenshot. – DataGirl Dec 22 '16 at 20:50

Instead of '12302016'!$A$7:$I$22 use:

INDIRECT("'"&SUBSTITUTE (TEXT(E$1,"dd/mm/yyyy),"/","")&"'!$A$7:$I$22")

Where E$1 is your header.

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