I don't know, how I can download GhostText for Firefox 49.0.2, so I did not have to reinstall GhostText at each session in Firefox.


I want to use GhostText. GhostText collaborator tell me, what addon on Mozilla site not worked and I need install GhostText manually. I need visit about:debugging#addons in Firefox → click on Load Temporary Add-on and select the file browser/manifest.json inside my cloned project.

Now GhostText worked for me, but if I close Firefox, I need reinstall GhostText. I don't want reinstall GhostText each time, I want install addon one time and use it.

Did not help

about:addons → click on Settings button → Install Add-On From File. It is solution for .xpi or .jar extensions, if I select manifest.json, I saw Firefox message:

This add-on could not be installed because it appears to be corrupt.

Firefox message

I can not search other solutions in Google.

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I can not compile xpi via jpm console utility, but I solved my problem use XPI Compiler addon.

Install addon → paste or print about:xpiler in Firefox address bar → click the folder with magnifier icon → select Your\GhostText\Folder\browser folder, (for example, I install GhostText in E disk, my path is E:\GhostText\browser) → click to puzzle with arrow icon → build must compile successfully.

XPI Compiler

For those who know the Russian language, for more details see my answer on Stack Overflow.

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