I use the Windows 10 virtual desktop feature to declutter my workspace - each virtual desktop being used for a different set of tasks.

The problem I'm having is that I tend to want to use notepad++ on each of the my virtual desktops - but notepad++ seems to only allow one instance. When I open a text file in a different virtual desktop, it will switch back to the virtual desktop that initially had notepad++ open.

You can create multiple windows of notepad++ by dragging tabs outside the window, but notepad++ will still open new files in the original instance.

Is there any tricks for easily working with notepad++ and windows 10 virtual desktops?


I could reproduce and solve your problem by changing the Multi-instance settings. Just go to

  • Settings
    • Multi-Instance

and select: Always in multi-instance mode.

After restarting Notepad++ you should be able to use different instances on your desktops.

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    This opens a new instance of Notepad++ even if there is an instance open in the current virtual desktop. – drhagen Apr 4 '18 at 15:15

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