I created a directory symbolic link that points to an external drive:

mklink /D C:\local\work F:\work

I'm trying to remove it.
Opening cmd shell as administrator and running the command:

rmdir C:\local\work

Get the error:

Access is denied.

Same thing by using:

cmd /c rmdir C:\local\work

from a Windows Powershell.
Same error even using the Sysinternals' Junction tool:

junction -d C:\local\work

I also tried with:

fsutil reparsepoint delete C:\local\work

but I get the error:

The directory is not a subdirectory of the root directory.
The FSUTIL utility requires a local NTFS volume.

Any suggestions?


Did you try to select it in the explorer and just press Del?

Otherwise rmdir should be able to delete it. See also this question: How can I delete a symbolic link?

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