I found this answer about time-stamping history for Bash.

Is there any way to permute the output? In particular

Number command time-stamp

rather than

Number time-stamp command

You can process the output of history builtin. First prepare your HISTTIMEFORMAT according to the answer you linked to:

export HISTTIMEFORMAT="%d.%m.%y %T "

To get the desired output, invoke:

history | awk '{ printf "%s\t",$1; for(i=4; i<=NF; i++) printf "%s",$i OFS; printf "\t%s %s\n",$2,$3 }'

If you overwrite history builtin with a function:

history() { builtin history | awk '{ printf "%s\t",$1; for(i=4; i<=NF; i++) printf "%s",$i OFS; printf "\t%s %s\n",$2,$3 }'; }

then it is enough to write history to get what you want.

Note: leading spaces and column formatting from bare history output are lost. Since the command field has no fixed length, having it in a middle is not a best idea. I deliberately separated the fields with tabs (instead of spaces) to make the output more readable. If you prefer spaces then replace \t in my code with (space).

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