I need to change the MAC address of a WiFi adapter. The steps I have tried include:

  1. Open Registry


  2. Search the key for WiFi Adapter
  3. Create a new String Value called NamedAddress and set the value to the new MAC address starting with 60-6C-...
  4. Disable the network adapter
  5. Enable the network adapter
  6. Use PowerShell as an administrator
  7. Set-NetAdapter -Name WiFi -MacAddress "60-6C..."
  8. Confirm the question for execution with "Y"

I am receiving this error message:

error message

Is it possible that the network adapter doesn't support this function?


The Documentation of Set-NetAdapter says:

-MacAddress (String)

Specifies the current MAC address of the network adapter. Dashes are optional as part of the input. Not all network adapters support setting the MAC address. The address passed in is also saved in the network addresses property without dashes.

So based on the error message you provided, I guess your Network Adapter doesnt support this function

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