I am using a debian server fresh install, got nodejs installed and working properly.

I can startup the server using "node server" :

dev environment detected
Client app ready
Cache manifest generated
Kaiwa running...
Hostname:<ip of the current server>

I can access the Kaiwa login page without any issue.

So, I modified the configuration file (which I can find no help anywhere and that here I have an issue for sure)

    "isDev": true,
    "http": {
        "host": "<ip of the current server>",
        "port": 8000
    "session": {
        "secret": "shhhhhh don't tell anyone ok?"
    "server": {
        "name": "talk",
        "domain": "talk.google.com",
        "wss": "wss://talk.google.com:5222/xmpp-websocket/",
        "muc": "",
        "startup": "groupchat/room%40chat.mydomain.net",
        "admin": "admin"

So, the issue is that I cant login through Kaiwa to talk.google.com

Anybody tried to use this web client and succeeded in configuring it ?

Any help is very appreciated (Honestly I dont know much about XMPP and what above settings mean^^)



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