I cannot reach my http server that runs on windows machine (host) from the ubuntu that runs on vmware virtual machine (guest).

I have set up the host listening on http://HOST_IP:1500 and can see that it responds in local. But, cannot do the same on guest machine, the page always returns taking too long to respond error.

I have Bridged network setup on vmware & can ping to the HOST_IP. I can even send TCP/IP packages from another program between two machines. I have tried other ports like 8080, 2016, 3000 etc.

I cannot see what the problem is, and appreciate any help. Thank you.


I have solved the problem with following settings: 1. Bridged connection to "Vmware1 & manually set network connections on ubuntu (IPv4 settings) 2. Check for the proxy settings of ubuntu & the web browser ( I have disabled proxy usage for all network)

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