Where can I view all the alt codes for Windows 10? I know I can look in Charmap, but some of the symbols in Charmap are mixed in with characters that don't have an alt-code.


Alt codes method allow input ANY symbol by it's code. But by default, you can only input the first 256 characters. Codes bigger than 256 get wrapped around (try Alt+0176 and then Alt+0432)

To enable the entry of all Unicode characters by code, create a string registry value in HKCU\Control Panel\Input Method\EnableHexNumpad with the value of 1. Then you'll be able to enter any character by:

  1. holding down the right Alt key,
  2. pressing the + button on the numeric keypad,
  3. entering the hex code,
  4. and releasing the Alt key.

You may need to log off and back on before this input type is enabled.

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  • It may seem dumb that I don't know this, but how can I find the hex codes? If I was typing in a character with the code U+0125, would I hold alt, press +, and 0125? – Daniel41550 Nov 12 '16 at 3:21

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