I want to back up my most important data regularly, on an external USB HDD. The backups must be encrypted.

I tried Windows 10's File History, which has two problems :

  • doesn't support encryption, forcing me to mount a VeraCrypt volume each time by entering its password, which can become quite tedious in the long run,
  • doesn't have a practical "backup now" button, which means that after having mounted the VC volume, I have to go in "Start menu/Settings/Backup/More options" and click on "Backup now".

This process, while safe, is really not optimal.

How can I automate it while keeping my data secure ? I'm particularly interested in not entering the password, and having either a quick option to launch a backup at any time, or an option to launch a backup when I plug the drive in.

Using File History or VeraCrypt is absolutely not a requirement, I'm looking for a good general method to do encrypted backups on Windows.


I use Crashplan (free) for exactly this purpose: download here

It allows automated backups to external drive and I also have another external drive in my friend's house for free offsite backups. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest.


I finally chose to use Windows's File History in a VeraCrypt volume, and put a script on my desktop named "Backup now", containing this command (source) :

FhManageW -backupnow

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