EDIT: Turns out I was able to partially solve my own problem - I'm not sure about the particular details, but as far as I know creating/editing ~/.bash_profile simply makes Terminal run scripts in that file automatically when launched. Seems like ~/.bashrc and other files do similar but still different things, but I don't know the details. What I did to fix was to edit my existing .bash_profile file and add the export GPG_TTY=$(tty) line to the end. This fixed GPG/git in Terminal.

The title may be confusing, so let me elaborate a bit.

My code as of now is like this:



echo "This script fixes errors with ioctl in GPG."

export GPG_TTY=$(tty)

The last line does help with the fix (issue detailed here; solution used), but I have to run it multiple times, every time I re-open a new Terminal window. Although the script may not necessarily be faster than simply typing it, it would still help for me.

As of now, the result is that it opens a new window in Terminal, with the output like this:

 This script fixes errors with ioctl in GPG.
 Saving session...
 ...copying shared history...
 ...saving history...truncating history files...

 [Process completed]

This does not help with any of the other windows I am using, so is there a way to make this fix apply to other windows, or open in the last used terminal window?

Additionally, is there a permanent fix to ioctl for GPG, or is there a way to automatically run this script whenever I open a new Terminal window, or when I use a command that uses GPG (e.g., git commit)?

Am I forced to either enter in the code manually or use a script file to do this?

This may be a bad or a simple question, but I'd like to ask it all the same.

Thanks in advance.

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