I am using Google chrome Version 54.0.2840.71 (64-bit) on Ubuntu, when I go to settings (accessible via the url: chrome://settings or by clicking on settings in the options menu, then click on:

enter image description here

this launches this window revealing the Auto Sign-in option:

enter image description here

I thought might mean what it says and - "Auto-matically log me in" - so I have tried logging into a few websites, logging out and visiting the "sign in" url again, expecting that it would log me in automatically, it didn't.

Then I thought it might have something to do with pre-populating login fields with login credentials which chrome saved from previous logins, but that pre-form filling behaviour seems to occur automatically when you chose Save rather than never when chrome prompts to save your password.

What does chrome's "Auto Sign-in" option actually do?

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    It means it fills in the fields then submits the data. You have to use chrome to manage your passwords for this to work obviously
    – Ramhound
    Nov 12 '16 at 2:34
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    @Ramhound, it didn't do that for me. do you know what triggers it? do I need to simply click the login link for the website - and it will then auto sign-in, or is there another step? Nov 12 '16 at 2:36
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    I have the settings as per the screen shots I posted, so chrome is handling my passwords. I have then tried restarting chrome. and repeated this on 3 different websites. including superuser.com - the form fields get filled out - but this occurs even when auto-sign in is off (but offer to save webpasswords is on, and I choose SAVE). otherwise checking the Auto signin seems to do nothing. Nov 12 '16 at 2:42

The labels are pretty misleading. It's not a regular auto-login option but a new login flow which is manipulated by Credential Management and is not being used widely yet. For more information, see Google's The Credential Management API or the official paper by W3C.

However, you can still test the functionality using a demo provided by Google itself. Before navigating to the demo URL, you have to enable both Offer to save passwords (so your credential can be saved and used later) and Auto Sign-in (to actually enable the feature) options in Password settings (chrome://settings/passwords): enter image description here

Then go to Credential Management API Demo (or any other site manipulates Credential Manager Javascript API). Sign up with a fake email and save it: enter image description here

Now whenever you click on SIGN IN button, a popup will be shown like this so you can log into your account with a single click/tap:

enter image description here

However, if you need a auto-login feature for regular websites, I recommend LastPass extension for Google Chrome and its application for phones.

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