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In Virtualbox 5.1.x I saw various paravirtualization options in the "Acceleration" tab of my VM settings.

I remembered Windows 10 did not install Hyper-V, so I went to "Add remove program features" (or similar) in the Control Panel and I checked the box for Hyper-V.

After two reboots I went into VBox and the Acceleration tab is completely disabled.

Is it an expected behavior? would Hyper-V work also without the Hyper-V components from Microsoft?


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VirtualBox 5.x cannot run if you are using HyperV virtual machines. Basically, both systems try to get exclusive access to the virtualization capabilities in the CPUs (e.g., the Intel VT-x extensions). HyperV, that runs below the Windows Operating System, gets the access first and impedes VirtualBox uses that capabilities.

You may check more information:

UPDATE (10/03/2019): VirtualBox 6.0 has an experimental feature to work when Hyper-V is running. Basically, VirtualBox detects Hyper-V and executes the virtual machines using the Hyper-V capabilities.

  • I had mixed experiences using VirtualBox 6.0 on Hyper-V: I had two computers where the VirtualBox works without problems, but another machine where the virtual machines froze after boot.
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    Hi @jaime, the same happens to me, my vbox machines start but they freeze after a handful of second running.
    – danidemi
    Commented Apr 17, 2019 at 10:00
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    I tried the "Switch easily..." and got BSOD "system thread exception not handled" and now I can only boot up Windows with Intel Virtualization off :/ Commented Oct 15, 2019 at 14:21

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